about joyride

We deliver good coffee for a great cause.

Or is it great coffee for a good cause? You tell us!

You know how sometimes you're just sitting around tuning your bike and you think "You know what? I love coffee, and I love biking, and I bet if we delivered some locally-roasted coffee by bike, we could leave enough room for a big chunk of change to go to a great cause?"

No? Just us?

Well, we had a line on some great coffee from a local roaster, and we knew that several charity rides were going to be negatively-impacted by COVID-19, so here we are.

We deliver by bike to reduce environmental impact and to ensure more money can go be reserved to support our communities!

We donate up to $5 from each bag to a bike-related cause.

We love staying in touch with our local community - feel free to reach out to us at info@joyridecoffee.ca or hit us up on instagram @joyridecoffeeco !